We are a dedicated mix of people: futurists, innovators, marketing scientists, brand builders, organizational designers, data and marketing scientists. We take a holistic approach to understanding your business, industry and customer to deliver a plan for your growth. We have a proven record of success.



Meet Sandra, our Founder

Hi, I'm Sandra and I am looking forward to working with you ... here is a little bit more about me.


I founded KONDUITT because I saw the need to help businesses grow revenue by packing real-world knowledge into plans and strategies, usually in a relatively short period of time. I do this by harnessing the power of technology, people, data and digital. 

I established proprietary methods to lift revenue. I ask the right questions to capture the insights that lead to product and service innovation to truly wow your customer and differentiate your business from the competition.

I apply deep knowledge of branding, marketing, research methods, analysis, technology, and behavioural psychology. I bring to the table a solid background in entrepreneurship and have the real-world experience of successfully creating and building 6 and 7 figure businesses from scratch. The industries I have worked in have had a rather far reach as well: high tech, energy, military, retail, clean energy and others. 

I have insatiable intellectual curiosity as well as a well-rounded, sophisticated education not to mention several 'degrees' from the school of hard knocks.

When I am not working on growth strategies, I run workshops to build gender diversity and inclusion by developing women as leaders. I also mentor women entrepreneurs and work with business students to complete major projects. I recharge with family and friends, try to get into the mountains as often as I can and maintain an active yoga practice.

I'm obsessed with practical business approaches. I never stop trying to make things simpler, more elegant.

Growth marketing is a strategic move. 

I'm here to help.


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